Friday, August 18, 2006

ICT 3C Introduction to Databases

A comprehensive guide for class teachers showing how to utilise Microsoft Excel as a simple yet effective database which allows students to see how records are manipulated by the application.

ICT 3C Introduction to Databases

Stage 1

First look at the BBC web page Characteristics of Materials on your interactive whiteboard. What you have is a vitrual laboratory in which you can test six different materials metal, paper, fabric, rubber, glass, and plastic to see if they are waterproof, transparent, flexible and strong.

Demonstrate how to drag each material into the testing clamps then click each of the test buttons in turn. Observe what happens and explain how to decide if the material has the property of being waterproof, flexible, etc.

Demonstrate how to use the data capture sheet to record the findings using Y for yes and N for no.

Allow the students to log into their computers and complete the exercise testing each material for each property and recording the results.

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